WHAT I WORE: Flower Child

"Someone told me there's a girl out there with love in her eyes and flowers in her hair."-Led Zeppelin

Blouse: Gift / Shorts: Gift / Heels: No 1 Shoes / Headpiece: Lovisa / Rings: Diva and Abby / Cuff: Diva/ Necklace: Lovisa
Photos by Abby. Edited by me.

WHAT I WORE: Daughter of the Moon

"I will gaze at the moon and cleanse my heart."

Hat: Cotton On / Dress: Thrifted / Skirt: DIY / Necklace: DIY / Ring: Lovisa / Boots: Thrifted
Photos taken by Abby. Edited by myself.


 The midday heat was in full swing so we took refuge under a tree and gorged on sushi. The atmosphere sleepy in this small town. Middle aged men tend to their boats while the cool salty breeze brushes through our hair. Fridays have now been deemed "Fashion Fridays" for Abby and I. This Friday our escapade has led us to the marina. We mischievously observe the fish, chasing them up and down the path like excited children. We covertly do this to draw attention away from our photo shoot antics. The fishermen merrily assist in our pursuit to find the largest stingray. We quickly snap photos as the bystanders wander away. Our feet are aching and the sun is taking it's toll on our wintery skin so we dash barefooted across the gravel to the car.  We drive to the dairy to buy our first popsicles of the season.


Hat: Thrifted / Shirt: Thrifted / Collar: Thrifted / Shorts: DIY Thrifted / Shoes: Gift
Photos taken by Abby


As the days grow longer and the once veiled legs make their appearance,now bare and lightly sun kissed. Winter has come and gone and soon the year will follow in it's footsteps. University has kept our blog in hibernation but as the summer holidays are now in full swing I hope that our blog will revive itself and inspire new content. 

Dress: Thrifted / Hat: Cotton On
Photos taken by the lovely Abby 

WHAT WE WORE: Maroon Tides

Gone are the days of wearing skirts and a singlet top. Gone are they days of staying out late in the suns everlasting heat, as you enjoy a night at the beach with close friends. Gone are the dreams of being tan all winter long - yes, you may have got some colour on you but trust me, it wont last! As the falling leaves come to a stop, we accept that winter is on the way. So we begin to imagine what this coming                                                             winter will bring us. 


Joanna wears: Dress: Cotton On (borrowed from Chelsea) / Cardigan: Dotti / Boots: Gift / Hat: Cotton On / Bra: Elle Macpherson  
Chelsea wears: Sweater: Glassons / Blouse: Thrifted  Hat: Cotton On (both borrowed from Joanna) / Leggings: Glassons / Boots: Pulp