Inspiration: Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey (formerly known as "Lizzy Grant") has been around for a few years now but, has recently become more widely known due to the release of her new studio album "Born To Die". Lana is an icon when it comes to new trends and fashion - in my world. The way her hair is styled, the colours and artistry of her makeup, the crazy head pieces. All make up who she is. Individual and carefree. She is simply, perfect.

Inspiration: The Pierces

I recently discovered this sister duo who go by the name "The Pierces" and instantly fell in love with their sound and style. Their video for "You'll Be Mine" is magnificently dreamy. Check them out!

WHAT I WORE: Shadow of Your Ghost

Being a dork as per usual.

Coat: Made by my Aunty / Dress: Made by me / Belt: Thrifted / Boots: Cotton On

♫ Listening To: Angus Stone- Be What You Be  

WHAT I WORE: Urban Safari

 Blazer, Jeans & Boots: Cotton On / Top: Thrifted / Necklace: DIY / Brooch: Mum's

♫ Listening To:Florence + The Machine-Landscape 

WHAT I WORE: Spring Fever

Headpiece: DIY / Sweater: Thrifted / Skirt: DIY / Shoes: Thrifted

♫ Listening To: Best Coast-Better Girl 

WHAT I WORE: You Grew Wings On Your Heart

 Fringed Kimono: Kmart / Pleat Skirt: Thrifted / Fringed Boots: Trademe / Necklaces: Diva & Dotti 

Listening To: KT Tunstall-Fade Like A Shadow 

MAKEUP TUTORIAL: Bronzed Goddess

How To: Brown Smokey Eye

Sick and tired of the classics? Plain brown eye shadow, black eyeliner and a bit of mascara.
Well here is some inspiration! Step by step photos showing what to do in order to achieve a chic yet timeless makeup style that will never go out of fashion!

1. Prepare Skin - Prime eyes; usually done with primer, but can also be done with any concealer.
2. Apply Base Coat - Usually a white cream or shadow, this will allow the coloured eye shadow to set and stop from creasing.

3. Apply Colour - Select 3 shades of brown; light, medium, dark. Start at the inner corner of the eye with the light brown, cover one third of the eyelid. Apply the medium brown to the rest of the lid. Blend the two together so there is no distinct line between the colours.

4. Darken - Now get the darker brown and apply to the outer corners of the eye. Start at the lash line then work your way around and up toward the brow bone. Once again blend. If you are looking for more darker shades, simply add more eye shadow to build up the colour. Add a white eye shadow directly to the bottom of the eyebrows (upper brow bone) to complete the look.
The eye shadow is now complete. All that's left is to add mascara. Depending on how you like it of course!

5. Applying Eyelashes (Optional) - I personally like thick and black fake eyelashes, as this makes the eye "pop" to look bigger, bolder and wider! Apply glue to fake lashes. Wait till glue becomes tacky. Apply near but not on the lash line (if so, when removing you will pull out your own lashes!). Keep eyes looking downward until near enough dry.

5. Eyeliner - To disguise the glue, simply add a line of eyeliner on top of the glue. Blend in to the brown. Follow this the whole way across the fake eyelashes to give a more bolder look to makeup. Apply to bottom lash line too, but only on the outer corners. This will make the eye look wider.

6. Extra - To fully complete look, lightly colour in eyebrows to frame the face.

Foundation - Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse & Loreal Infallible Pressed Powder
Eye Shadow - Estee Lauder
Mascara - Maybelline Colossal Lashes
Fake Lashes - QVS
Eyebrow Colour - Estee Lauder

WHAT I WORE: We Run Around The Rules

Blouse+Jeans+Boots : Cotton On

     Listening to: Jayme Dee-Rules