MAKEUP TUTORIAL: Amethyst Smokes - Winter Edition

Winter is here!!!! Yes, its that time of year again in New Zealand. Ladies, time to dig out the leggings and scarves in time for the colder weather. Also... sort out the perfect winter make up colours to go with your perfect winter outfits. Purple is in this winter so here is a step by step guide to try out! 

 1. Start with clean and moisturized skin already prepped with your foundation. Apply base to eyelids (usually a white matte shadow) this will prevent the eye shadow creasing

2. Apply lighter shadow toward the inner of eye and blend upward and outward across half your eyelid.

3. Apply darker shadow across the other outer half of the eyelid and again blend upward and outward.

4. Apply a black shadow to the outer corners of the eyelid and blend upward toward brow bone. Then blend along crease line toward the inner eye.

5. For a more dramatic look, apply another layer of black shadow to the eye following the same steps as above. Apply as many as you like for your desired look.

6. Finally, apply mascara to eyelashes. Highlighter to brow bone. And lightly pencil in eyebrows to define you face.

Products used:
- Maybelline Dream Primer
- Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse
- Maybelline FITme Pressed Powder
- COVERGIRL Eye Brightening Shadow Palette in Vibrant Browns
- Maybelline Expertwear Quad in Amethyst Smokes
- Maybelline Colossal Volum' Express Mascara
- BYS Bronzing Powder

Oop.... think I'm addicted to Maybelline!


I scored this dress off TradeMe a few years ago for the mere price of $3. It has so many lovely details, some which I may have cut off altered. Having unique items in my wardrobe is a must.  Cause hey,what girl doesn't need a few vintage wedding dresses hanging in her closet? Confessions of a crazy cat lady. Well,until next time! xx

P.S How lovely are those splashes of pink flowers in the background? They are actually growing in my neighbours front yard but I couldn't resist getting a few snaps with them...

Dress: Thrifted / Boots: Gift / Hat: Cotton On

WHAT I WORE: Autumn Hues

Summer is fading quickly and winter will soon settle in for what will seem like forever. Currently I am on a study break from uni so I have time to unwind and marvel in the Universe's many mysteries. As you can see we have a new blog logo again, a result of experimenting with doilies and watercolours. Please excuse my somewhat messy handwriting but I think it adds character. (Hehe.) You can endure it again below in the little mantra photo I have created. Namaste! 

Kimono: Gift / Jumpsuit: Saint James / Shoes: No1 Shoes / Bag: Trademe / Necklace : DIY / Bracelet: Diva

TATTOO: Botanical Illustration

Sorry this post took a while, but a lot can happen in around 4 weeks....
University and its pressure has begun to arise. Anything from making new friends, finding the right area and class to be in at a very specific time, assessments and dead lines - the constant work and need from lecturers. And, well.... scoping out for good looking lads of course!!

It was March the 22nd. The weather, warm and sunny, yet chilling in the shade. Mood, excited and nervous. My stomach flipping in all different directions. Place, Ponsonby - The waiting room of Two Hands Tattoo with my best friend. Its was now 2 o'clock and my turn to be the one in pain.

The needle began to puncture my skin. I was holding my breath waiting to shed a tear... Yet I felt, nothing. The minutes flew by and I still felt nothing. Was this normal? I had to ask. But, it turns out, some people just cope with the pain better than others. So that must explain the many piercings I have. I feel no pain, so I go back for more.....

An hour had gone and the outline was complete. It was break time, the tattooist needed a cigarette. He ran out the door like his life depended on it. So I reached for my RedBull to gain some energy for the next 2 hours I would have to endure.

The colour was bright and bold. Creating art on my skin with each stroke of the gun's needles. Following the outlines and blending with detail. Soon my tattoo came to life as the green poured into the leaves and the yellow to the flowers. I woke up from a little nap as the vibrations had stopped. That was it, it was complete.

I stood up to take a look. Who was this person? Who was this new girl staring back at me? In fact, it was the new and improved me. I was now 18. Had been accepted into every university I had applied for. Lost 5 kgs. Oh, and not to mention it was a new year! Everything felt as if it was falling into place. But then, my stomach began to flip around again. How was I going to break the news of my new tattoo to my father...

Thank you to my best friend for enduring the boring hours waiting for me and taking the pics. Love you Bee! xox