LATEST OBSESSION: Botanical Illustrations

Ok, I admit... Yes, as a young woman I should love clothes, shoes, makeup and not to mention boys! But for the past year I have been completely and utterly infatuated with flowers. Yes, that's right, flowers. Anything from drawings to real life ones. It seems to have taken over my life. I dream of frolicking in a paddock full of daisies. Sauntering through tulips in the warm evening sun. Basking freely in a field of sunflowers. And waking up in rose petals, as I turn over to greet the love of my life good morning.
(If only!!)

Well, i am now about to make my dreams a reality! As of 12 o'clock on the 22nd March... I will be getting a tattoo as part of my 18th Birthday present. It symbolizes the love I have for flowers and my favourite of all time, Daisies. It will also stand for "Growth and Time" - Something to do with my family, as we are not in the happiest of times right now. And each flower will represent a member of my family - Mother, Father and Brother.

Will post pictures to Gypsy Rose and Instagram on Saturday, but in the mean time... here are some pictures to keep you guessing on what it might look like.